The Struggle Continues.


Tirelessly working to reform their beloved community.

          Since my return from Nkosi’s Haven, I have continued to advise the two forums.  The Radical Women Forum (RWF) has continued its efforts in the various projects we set forth.  Members of the RWF have tried to implement some of the fundamental ideals of the forum into their daily routine, however they continue to face resistance and/or lack of support from the necessary administrative personnel.  I am beginning to suspect that the lack of support is due to my actions toward the end of my stay, which resulted in my expulsion from the community.  The fact remains that a simple act of frustration and minimal rationale on my behalf has resulted in minuscule communication or support from the administration.

During the months of August and September I have also had to grapple with various methods with which I can continue to aid these ambitious forum members, and how to further our efforts in empowering these ostensibly powerless orphans.  Thus far I have been able to discuss possibilities of attaining a 501c3 status (non-profit) for the forum.  I have also had extensive discussions with a dear friend, Kobi about obtaining this non-profit status, and extending our network and support systems.  I have also received assistance in further researching fundraising methods and grant writing possibilities which we have not yet explored.  All these are efforts made simply to assist me in effectively aiding Nkosi’s Haven forum members better their lives and the lives of community members.  The work of Gail Johnson ought to be supported by individuals who genuinely care about the very cause she was inspired by.

Boys and Girl forum combine forces to achieve their goals.

The forums members are still excited about the potential of having great effect on lives of others within the community, but our success is contingent on administrative support and common goals.  The Catholic Worker has shown great interest in my experience at Nkosi’s Haven, and I am scheduled to make a presentation at the New York City location during their Friday night meeting on November 16, 2012.  I am also working on an article they will be publishing on their well-known Catholic Worker newspaper which is has subscribers worldwide.  It is with such exposure and generosity, that I believe my fellow brothers and sister at Nkosi’s Haven will finally be heard and benefit from the global community.  The effort of empowerment has proven to require patience, trust, and most importantly persistence from all parties involved.


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