We are pissed right now. Gail told us that we must get ready because you were coming to say your last good byes and we were so excited, we waited by the  gate for you forever and we still are waiting for that day you will show up  and say a proper good bye to us. Maybe to you it might seem weird but you have become part of our lives. We look up to you and it is so sad to know that you’re leaving us in few hours time.We can’t help it but feel sad and wondering if we will see you again. Just know that to us you are our hero and just know that you really changed us to better people and for some reason we have started to dream again.

We love you man (ONE LOVE)


I’m sorry I didn’t make it.  It was wrong to have you guys wait and not inform you that plans had changed.  I’ve been too busy trying to accommodate everyone and have catered to a lot of people a the same time.  In short, I was wrong, but understand that I’ve done all that I can to show you I care, and if the task of sustaining this forum not enough of a testimony to show my loyalty, thank I’m afraid there is not much else I can do.

I hope you all truth that I’m faithful enough not to give up on you all, we are family.  I’ve longed for belonging, and despite the language factor, I feel very much at home with you guys.  And if we are family we all have to have a common goal, and let that goal be success. So let’s not get caught up in the bullshit.




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